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Cerebly, Inc. (formerly MK Consulting, Inc.) provides consulting services for web page design, student financial aid, Artificial Intelligence, Common Lisp, PERL, mathematics, and other technical fields. Cerebly, Inc. also develops and licenses patented and patent-pending technology for optimizing the scheduling of follow-up and diagnostic tests. Cerebly, Inc. does not provide one-on-one student financial aid counseling for families.

Cerebly, Inc. is owned and operated by Mark Kantrowitz, the expert's expert on planning and paying for college. He has written more than 100 student financial aid policy analysis papers and more than a dozen books.

Mark serves as Publisher of the PrivateStudentLoans.Guru web site. Mark previously served as publisher of FinAid, FastWeb, PrivateSchools.com (defunct), EduPASS, Edvisors, PrivateStudentLoans.com, StudentLoanConsolidator.com, ScholarshipPoints.com, Student Aid Matters, Cappex.com and Savingforcollege.com.

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See also the web site, Laddergrams.com, for more change-the-word puzzles.

Books about College Admissions and Financial Aid

Mark's most recent book about college access, retention and success is Who Graduates from College? Who Doesn't?

Mark's most recent financial aid book is How to Appeal for More College Financial Aid.

Who Graduates from
College? Who Doesn't?


How to Appeal for More
College Financial Aid

Twisdoms about Paying
for College

Filing the FAFSA:
Guide to Completing the
Free Application for
Federal Student Aid

Secrets to Winning a

Mark has also written Tumor Humor, a book of cancer jokes and anecdotes.

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